Promo Cloud

Promo Cloud
The Omni e-commerce platform for all your branded merchandise.
OmniPerks™ Products
• OmniPerks™ Access comes standard to all our Promo Cloud customers.  

• Think of it kind of like a buying club--where you automatically get all of these advantages from day 1!

• Curated database of proven top-selling products, serving all our Global customers.

• Access to exclusive apparel & product lines

• Specially negotiated low pricing and minimums.

• No setups!
Easy Brand Mgmt System
• Put your mind at ease with our
On-Demand ordering system.

• No more hassling with inventory

• No more need to painfully manage apparel programs, like Uniforms or Driver Apparel.

•  Once Centralized Brand Management Portal for your entire enterprise.

• Shopping flexibility and ease of use-- with all your brands, customizations and sizing/color options.
Tailored Technology
• No-hassle, customized plug 'n' play technology scalable to your needs.

• Access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

• User-friendly, out of the box features.

• Custom integrations available. 
 OmniPerks Products
Proven Top-Selling Products - We've got the latest & greatest, so should you!
Nationally-scaled pricing, Lower minimums, No setup fees

Our inside team of program managers works around the clock for all our Promo Cloud customers to secure the very best products...and your company can benefit from this as well!

Not to worry! In addition to all the OmniPerks products, you have access to the entire world of products too. Your company will have access to a dedicated Program Manager who is there to work one on one with you to secure all the unique additional products that specifically fit your company's brand.
Brand Management System
No more hassling with inventory.  Our Promo Cloud system now allows for on-demand production, so you never have to worry about re-ordering, or waste money with the last odd lots, etc.  
On-Demand = More Choices.  With on-demand items, you can offer more options, make changes when you want to, all without having to invest up front in inventory.
Customized uniforms and apparel with options galore.
Our Centralized Brand Management System & in-house Brand Gurus administer your logos with ease.
Shopping flexibility with all your brands, customizations and sizing/color options--with the emphasis on a simple user-friendly experience.
Tailored Technology
All Promo Cloud web stores come delivered, out of the box, with a whole host of user friendly features, however there's no limit to what we can do for clients!
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Out-of-the-box Features
Search Feature
Search for your favorite products for faster ordering.
Check Order Status
Check your order status right from your account. 
Save Multiple Addresses
Save multiple addresses to ship to different locations. 

Custom Features
Punchout Catalog Sites
Take the paperwork and processing out of it for users and accounting with this customized integration.
Chava Mobile App Integration
Take a job well done to the next level with the Chava Rewards feature. Employees can earn points, bestowed on them by anyone in the company, and exchange them for company-provided prizes.
Custom Rewards Sites
A huge selection of the latest, highly rated products for awards, gifts, or incentives. From personal electronics and audio/video systems to small appliances and tools - all in one place. 
Gift Certifcates
Offer & redeem gift certificates on your brand store or our OmniThanks rewards site. Custom design, printed & shipped, or electronically delivers - your choice! 
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