10 Deceptively Inexpensive Corporate Gifts

  • By Rachel Muehlhausen
  • 27 Oct, 2016
The fourth quarter has officially begun. With it, comes the Herculean task of finding high end corporate gifts that won't actually break the bank. The secret to giving executive gifts on a budget is two-fold: low minimums and imprint style. Low minimums allow you to group your contacts into tiers and ensure that all of your contacts receive a gift that is best suited for them.Imprint styles help transform the look of a product. For example, laser etching creates a timeless result, while using a 4 color process makes a product more eye catching. Utilizing these two secrets, we have compiled a list of deceptively inexpensive corporate gifts to make holiday gifting easier for you this year. 
This is an example of the 4-color process. It creates an engaging result at the same price as laser etching.
Note: The approximate prices are per piece and based on 1 color logos unless otherwise noted.

1. Stemless Wine Tumbler

Approximate Price: $8.25 each
Minimum: 50

The double wall, stainless steel construction of this stemless wine tumbler makes it a versatile gift that is compatible with any budget. 

2. Jade Glass Ornament

Approximate Price: $8.48 each
*Price includes either laser engraving or 4 color process
Minimum: 12

This jade glass ornament is fully customize-able, with the option of either laser engraving or a 4-color process. While the laser engraving gives the ornament a classic look, the 4-color process makes photographs come alive! 

3. Stemless Wine Glasses (2 Piece Set)

Approximate Price: $9.55 each
*Price includes either laser engraving or 1 color process
Minimum: 10

These classy wine glasses have a laser imprint feature that elevates them to the next level. 

4. Wine Box

Approximate Price: $10.22 each
Minimum: 35

This box is simple, yet elegant. Clients will be impressed by the box with their respective logos printed on it. However, you have the freedom to fill the box with a wine that fits your budget.

5. Bamboo & Slate Serving Board

Approximate Price: $11.27 each
Minimum: 25

This serving board features an attractive combination of bamboo and slate.  The slate panels can easily and conveniently be removed so it can be used as either a cutting board or a serving board. 

6. Stylish Black & White Sweets Gift Box

Approximate Price: $11.30 each
*Price based on fill of chocolate covered almonds. Pricing varies based on fill.
Minimum: 24

The gift box design is classic! Since the pricing is based on the fill, you can choose to save by including a cheaper fill or splurge with a higher-end fill. Either way, this is a gift your clients will love and enjoy!

7. Rectangle Paperweight

Approximate Price: $12.83 each
*Price includes either etched imprint or 4 color process
Minimum: 10

The optically-perfect clarity of this paper weight makes it stand out while simultaneously promoting your brand. 

8. Wireless Earbud

Approximate Price: $21.73 each
*Price includes 4 color process
Minimum: 25

This single Bluetooth earbud is the perfect balance between features and budget. The earbud has  fantastic sound quality and allows for calls via the built-in microphone. Since it is a single earbud, it enables users to listen to music while remaining alert. 

9. Hampton Desktop Clock

Approximate Price: $25.19 each
Minimum: 6

The glossy, piano-finished rosewood with silver accents gives this clock a timeless feel at a budget-friendly price. 

10. Bamboo Coaster Set

Approximate Price: $25.67 each
*Price includes either laser engraving or 4 color process
Minimum: 6

These modern glass coasters come with rubber feet to prevent slipping and a convenient bamboo holder. What sets these coasters apart is the option of doing a 4-color process which gives them a striking result.

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