May 2017

May 2017

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Idea Expo 2017
Guest Info & Survey Results
  • 182 attendees (a record amount)
  • 21 survey responses 
  • 66.67% of respondents attended for the first time this year
  • 100% of respondents enjoyed their time at Idea Expo
  • 95.24% of respondents said they would “Absolutely” come back to our next Idea Expo
  • 90.48% of respondents said they had informative and productive conversations with both their sales rep and the exhibitors
  • 95.24% of respondents said they would “Absolutely” recommend Idea Expo 
Vendor Survey Results
  • 25 responses
  • 68% of respondents said attending Idea Expo was “Absolutely” worth their time…the other 32% percent said they would have to wait and see their sales. No one said it was NOT worth their time. 
  • 92% of respondents said “Of course” they would attend Idea Expo again

A New Art Template
Josh Smart was tasked with developing a new art template that would allow our sales reps to present an order mock up to scale as well as provide the actual image dimensions for their customers. Josh successfully launched the new OmniSource Marketing Art Template last month. Since its debut, we have noticed fewer calls from our vendors requesting clarifications on our order mock ups!! 

Thanks to Josh and our Art Department on a job well done!! Thanks to our Sales Team for providing the necessary feedback!! Working Together Works!!

Recent Website Launches

Sales Numbers
April 2017

2017 Goals - The Year of Results

Birthdays & Anniversaries


Employee Birth Date
Nicholas Dant 05/13
Michael Goldberg 05/14
Judy Laikin 05/23


Employee Hire Date Years
Thomas Goldberg 05/91 26 years
Holly Woods 05/05 12 years
Alan Nelson 05/08 9 years
Amber Massey 05/15 2 year
Sarah Reich 05/15 2 years

Upcoming Events

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