April 2017

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Michael has returned from Miami and has brought with him exciting improvements to CRM!
In March, Michael successfully finished his project to make CRM show real time sales information available (from Smartbooks). Now we can see sales data both at the Account and Contact levels, right from CRM!
This could prove useful for salesreps to have information at their fingertips while actively working with customers over the phone. Instead of having to go into SB to find the info, now its right there on the Contact Form!!!
The information is dynamic, so it is updated as we go behind the scenes. The new Sales Data includes 2016/2017 Sales totals, number of orders and number of web orders. Also there is a new field which shows Last Order Date, which is very helpful! Want to see which contact has done a web order, but no regular orders? Now that info is right there!
Other benefits to this new integration include:
  • Reps seeing their Accounts and Contacts info from a List/View 
    • Management having the ability now to see sales info at the contact level
  • Future ability to create automatic triggers for notfications based on activity 
  • Allows them to sort by any column to see activity
    • Contact hasn’t bought since X time frame
    • Account Sales are up or down by a certain amount or percentage
There’s a LOT of great stuff now that we have everything connected into one centralized CRM database and its exciting what is possible now with it!!

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Contact Form

Uniforms for Cummins JEP
Last week, a group of employees worked at a new embroider in Carmel to pick and pack the uniform orders that were taken in Jamestown, New York a few weeks ago. The embroiderer employees picked the apparel pieces for each order. Kim and May double checked that all of the garments were correct. They passed the garments to Rachel and Kendal to triple check the garments. Once it was confirmed that the order was correct, Dylan and Eric bagged the order for Mason to place in the appropriate box. 

This week, Kendal is in Jamestown delivering all the garments. According to Kendal, the feedback has all been positive so far and only a few boxes still need to be picked up! 

Full Week Participants: Kendal, May, Kim, and Rachel
Partial Week Participants: Eric, Sarah, Dylan, Mason, Jason, and Hannah

Thank you to everyone that helped make this project successful! 😊 

Republic Airlines

Eric was able to land a deal with Republic Airlines to outfit all of their pilots with coats. The contract for this $215,000 order came in yesterday along with a wire transfer for the funds.

We are also building a website for accessories and potentially all flight attendant and pilot uniforms. 

March 2017

March 2017

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2017 Goals - The Year of Results

Green Friday Goal

Everyone gained an additional 3 PTO days to use during the first
quarter by reaching $1.3 Million in booked sales for November.

Birthdays & Anniversaries


Employee Birth Date
Mason DeGraff 04/17
Rachel Meuhlhausen 04/25


Employee Hire Date Years
Sydell Woloshin 04/01 18 years
Heather Lazerov 04/17 11 years

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